The Symposium "The Future of the Universe and the Future of our Civilization" was held in Budapest-Debrecen (Hungary) in July (2-6) of 1999.
The symposium "The Future of Life and the Future of our Civilization" was held in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) in May (2-6) of 2005.
The first seminar "The Future of our Civilization" was held in Bangalore (India) in December (22-24) of 2012 (see "Documents").
The symposium "Our Common Odyssey: Past, Present, and Future" the memory of John Cairns (USA),Borys Aleksandrov (Ukraine), Philip Elbaze and Michel Bounias (France) will be held in 2022

Center for Research of the Future

Crimea, Ukraine, 2009

Scientists worry state of our planet or more exactly they worry threats of life on the Earth. Global cataclysms took place in the past but then technological development did not allow to prevent these catastrophes. Other situation on our planet occurs now. Probably we can prevent local threats but we depend on the Sun in forward alternatively. Local threats are ecological, climatic, geodesic ones. The first and main threat is global warming in the result that greenhouse effect may develop. Excretion of oceanic methanhydrates can break thermal balance and if we will have gone a bifurcation point then green house effect is inevitable (it may be during nearest decades). We have created a group of scientists from different countries which want to change and minimize any threats for life.

First of all we propose four global positions:

1) scientists must take responsibility for fate of our Civilization;
2) we must adopt a long term approach and switch into psychological consumption of lasting life on the Earth;
3) ideology of agreement must be worked out between countries for cooperation in safeguarding of security of life on the Earth;
4) we must create the “Fund” for organization of the Center on protection of life as a prompt measure.

We hope to find some sponsors for construction of this Center. Your name as a sponsor will be fixed and be left in centuries.

We have held two conferences about future in Hungary (1999) and Germany (2005) and seminar in India (2012). Besides, we have prepared also "Declaration of Protection of Life and our Civilization" which can be found in the section "Documents".

20.07.2021 | Unfortunately,the covid infection has killed in the world 4.1 mln on 20 July of 2021.
22.05.2021 | Unfortunately,the covid infection has killed in the world 3.460.758 persons on 22 May of 2021.
02.02.2021 | Unfortunately, on February 1 in the world the covid infection had 103 millions persons.Near 2.24 millions persons died.
09.11.2020 | In October an unique scientific expedition to North Pole (project MOSAiC) on the ship "Polarstern"came back in Germany. It was confirmed that global warming is our main catastrophic problem.
08.10.2020 | On 8 October the number of people infected with the coronavirus is 36 408 481 - 0.5 % from population of Earth.In 19 countries deaths of COVID-19 were not. Among them Mongolia, Holy See, Cambodia and others are. In USA 7 780 586 people were infected, in Sweden - 92 532. In Solomon Islands - 1.
06.06.2020 | May 29 the ecological catastrophe was near Noril'sk.21 ooo m^3 oil was spilled.
04.06.2020 | First 10 countries with coronavirus are: USA-1 851 520 persons; Brazil-584 016; Russia-432 277; Great Britain-279 869; Spain-240 326; Italy- 233 836;India-218 824; France-188 878; Germany-184 121; Peru -178914.
19.04.2020 | COVID-19 prolongs to kill peoples. In the World 2 339 651 persons have this virus, in USA - 740 557, in Spain - 194 416, in Italy - 175 927, in Germany - 143 475, in UK - 114 217, in France - 111 821,in China - 82 735, Russia 36 793, Yemen - 1, in Tajikistan - 0. In the World 160 721 persons died already.
12.03.2020 | World Health Organization has announced the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
. 06.03.2020 | In the World coronavirus has appeared.100 000 persons died already (6 March of 2020). Especially many people died in China (more than 90 000, unfortunately).Our central problem is to find an effective vaccine.
14.12.2019 | 4 December in time of fire in the building of Odessa economy colledge and Institute of Marine Biology died 16 persons. Our colleague - Professor Borys Aleksandrov (Director of Biological Institute) was among the died.
31.07.2019 | Sibir's fires are the ecological catastrophe. The goverment of Russia speaks that fires can not extinguish if a cost is more than damage. This norm was acted with 2015 year. It is a criminal step, unfortunately, because of tons of ashes get into our atmosthere.
20.07.2019 | Mass passing of bees came in Russia.Probably some factors initiated this are: many chemistry on fields, climate changes, infection in mites and so on.
26.06.2019 | Probably, a new geological epoch -"antropocen" was starting.
17.04.2019 | Unfortunately, fire took place in Notre Dam de Paris on Monday of April (15-16) during 15 hours.It was an universal catastrophe because of Notre Dam is the world cultural property.
04.03.2019 | The Human Cell Atlas (HCA) will be made up of comprehensive reference maps of all human cellst he fundamental units of life as a basis for understanding fundamental human biological processes and diagnosing, monitoring, and treating diseases.arXiv:1810.05192.
19.07.2018 | New evidence for role of specific virus causing type 1 & 2 diabetes.The super-suplement found in some fruits reverses diabetes at any stage ( 03.04.2018 | A new Chinese Bacterial Disease "Klebsi Plague" appears in USA.There is a drug which can treat this disease-"Hexose Cerate. Besides, other drug -"Muricata" treats some diseases including cancer.
22.12.2017 | Unfortunately, our colleague (Professor John Cairns) passed away at November 5 of 2017 at the age 94.
17.12.2017 | "Mushrooms may have antiaging power" Longevitymagazine. FreeE-JOUNAL,Nobember27.
29.09.2017 | Nature/ 27 July/ vol 547/ 389/ Brain stem cells rejuvenate mice. Transplanted cells slow decline and increase lifespan.
27.07.2017 | A new nootropics enhancing your brain power was invented recently. This “genius drug” unlocks 92% of brain potential. Inteligen is name of this drug.
20.06.2017 | Simple Mind Exercise Makes You As Sharp As You Were in 20 (great-brain
22.12.2016 | Russian chemists and American company "Immune Pharmaceutics" dicovered a compound from sulphur ,hydrocarbons and nitrogen which are able to delete cancer cells. These cells are invulnerable to action of other sorts of chemical therapy.
22.07.2016 | A team of researchers from the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne and the life science company Amazentis decided to investigate the fruit more closely and discovered that there is a molecule within pomegranates that is transformed by microbes in the gut, allowing muscle cells to protect themselves against one of the major causes of aging.
18.06.2016 | Immortal cells.American woman Henrietta Lacks was born in 1920 year. She died from cancer in 1951, unfortunately. But her cells are living till now.They are used by scientists of all world. Cells of HeLa have unical abilities. They reproduct two times quicker than normal ones. Besides, their program of suppress growth was switched and they became immortal.Her cells (gold standard of cell lines) saved and save countless lives.
23.05.2016 | Some questions connected with cancer treatment can be found on
02.04.2016 | With aging, the amount of grey matter present in the brain declines – the extent of this reduction appears to correlate to blood type.
06.03.2016 | Secret to Longevity in Stem Cells.Longevity differs between sexes, with females being longer-lived in most mammals, including humans. One hallmark of aging is the functional decline of stem cells.
07.02.2016 | The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine "The Future of Medicine Today" May (19-21) 2016, Diplomat Resort, Hollywood,Florida.
16.11.2015 | Our condolences to all the French in connection with the terrible terroristic act in Paris at 13 November of 2015. This is a war of civilizations.
01.09.2015 | A Newcastle University team has discovered that Type 2 diabetes can be reversed by an extreme low calorie diet alone (
03.05.2015 | Artificial DNA debuts.Expanding upon DNA’s complement of four chemical nucleotides, or “letters” (A.T.C and G) a team at Scripps concocted a totally unnatural pair of nucleotides, dubbed X and Y. As reported in Nature the team inserted the two into a bacterial cell. When the cell reproduced unwinding its double helix, X and Y replicated as well as stale A-T and C-G pairings in DNA’s normal sequence. Discover (January-February, 2015).
02.05.2015 | Able to differentiate into dozens of tissue types, stem cells might be used to regenerative organs and treat numerous diseases. Researches used stem cells to create retinal pigment epithelium cells, which were transplanted into a patient’s retina in small area. After 15 months, the newcells grown (Prof. Lanza and a group led by Harvard University’s D.Melton, each announced advances).Discover (January-February, 2015).
28.02.2015 | In Moscow near Kremlin an opposition politicion Boris Nemtsov was killed at this night.Je suis Boris.
21.01.2015 | Today flowers were put near Armenian embassy in Moscow in memory of the killed family (7 persons) in Gyumri by the Russian soldier.
11.01.2015 | JE SUIS CHARLIE.
05.11.2014 | For the first time J.Wells and his team (Nature, October 29, 2014) have generated a human gastric tissue through the directed differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells.
23.08.2014 | Unfortunately, bioresources of the Earth is finishing. Globally, our outgoings exceed our incomings in 1.5 times (Global Footprint Network). In Arabian Emirates this excees is 12 times. In France this excees is 1.6 times. Japan, Italy and Swiss, Great Britain, Germany, China and USA are in the middle of the list. In last 30 years a number animal and plant species reduced in 30% on average (in tropics in 51%).
05.07.2014 | There is TIM MAUPIN'S film" The Last Generation to Die" on site:
13.04.2014 | In Sochi the conference "Genetic of Aging and Longevity" was held at (6-10) April of 2014 ( /....ageing is a genetic disease syndrom that every human being has inherited. D.Gems - Inst. of Healthy Ageing. London. UK / There is the possibility to know a genetic profile ( for every person. This is a main test of our life.
20.09.2013 | L-aminoacides - a visit card of the chemistry of living organisms.But in nature there are many exclusions of this rule.Poisons of some animals content D-aminoacides.Bacteria of a men secrets D-aminoacides on a skin, in a digestine tract. The question is: which part of these D-aminoacids influences on our health or even on behaviour.
17.09.2013 | Our colleague Dr. Marc Nussinov passed away on 10 September of 2013 year. The last 20 years he lived in Netanya (Israel). Marc proposed a model of complex molecules formation, which were important for origin of life, in a clayey environment.He had some articles in "Nature" and published the book "Self-organization in the Universe and LIFE".
01.06.2013 | The Times of India, New Delhi, May 30, 2013. Washington: Earth may be in line of a potentially lethal gamma-ray burst of a Wolf-Rayet star (WR 104) that the core-collapse had 8,000 years ago. If this gamma-burst will hit with Earth then it will destroy a quarter of our planet's protective atmospheric ozone layer and solar UBV radiation will be increased on 50% .
30.03.2013 | Abstract of the article of Dr.Nir Barzilai "Discovering longevity genes and their targets" can be read on the site of the conference "Healthy Aging and Regenerative Medicine" which was held in Israel (Beer-Sheva-Dead Sea) in March (10-13) of 2013 (
30.03.2013 | Synthetic biologists have created a collection of new molecules (XNA) having all properties of DNA and RNA (new forms of life).DNA and RNA are a mode of life origin on the Earth only.
19.03.2013 | Encyclopaedia of life is going to create British scientists. In this book all kinds of animals, plants, microbs and viruses will be collected.
14.02.2013 | Cancer may be an atavistc patology.In 1900 year 3% habitants of the Earth died from the cancer patologies. In 2013 the cancer register will propose 33% deaths fron cancer that is an every third habitant of our planet will die, unfortunately, from the cancer patology (Inst. patology of Heidelberg University,Germany).
27.12.2012 | In India (Botanic garden in Bangalore) a wonderful tree exists. Its botanic name is Ficus religiosa linn (popular name is peeple tree ). This tree produces oxygen even during night.
18.12.2012 | The amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere reached a new record high in 2011. Between 1990 and 2011 there was a 30% increase in radiative forcing - the warming effect on our climate- because of carbon dioxide. Since the start of the industrial era in 1750, about 375 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide have been released in atmosphere, primarily from fossil fuel combustion. The World Meteorological Organization.December 10, 2012.
11.12.2012 | A team of astronomers using the ALMA antennae in Chile has identified sugar molecules in the gas surrounding a young Sun-like star.The simple form of sugar found by ALMA is glycolaldehyde being one of the ingredients in the formation of ribonucleic acid (RNA) -macromolecule similar to DNA -which is essential for life on Earth.Finding such complex molecules around a star at distance s similar distance between Uranus and Sun means that the building blocks of life exist around new-born stars at the time of planet formation.
17.07.2012 | In July (11-15) a good organizing conference ESOF2012 (Euroscience Open Forum) took place in Dublin (Ireland). Near 4000 participants from 72 countries visited this event. Problems of our Future were actively discussed. Planets of solar system will be researched by robots. In 2016 a new mission to Mars is planning. An interest moment is that RNA was a key molecule for the origin of life on the Earth (big bang for life). Fractals in nature were arisen because of this distribution is realized for minimum energy. Global economic must be decarbonized to 2050 and besides a stagnate economics must be approved. All understand a climate problem (global warming) and even "Climate Justice" was created by Mary Robinson. Quick temps a personalized therapy is developed. ICGC (Intern. Cancer Genome Consortium ) was created by Germanian scientists. Life is a software of gens and it is necessary to check (genom card for each). SERN participants gave talks about a Higgs boson detection.
14.06.2012 |  Aubrey de Grey and SENS 14.06.2012 | Some days ago at Marc Bounias (a member of our Org.Committee) baby girl MAYANA was born. Congratulate of happy parents!!
23.03.2012 | SuperCourse is a Free Library of 5100 lectures on Global Health. Lectures of Prof.Cairns: The lecture on CLIMATE WARS, SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE, AND THE FUTURE OF HOMO SAPIENS is part of Supercourse at
24.12.2011 | Professor John Skinner from Pretoria University (Faculty of Veterinary Science) passed away on 28 August of 2011 year. He was a member of our Org. Committee.
11.09.2011 | In Cambridge (UK) during (31 Aug.-4 Sept.) the conference about rejuvenation research was held. Dr. Aubrey de Gray has organized this outstanding conference. Many themes about our life span and aging were mentioned and discussed (some abstracts can be found in documents of our site).
30.05.2011 | In May of 2011 a member of our Org.Committee Professor Siegfried Franck from Potsdam Inst. for Climate Impact Research suddenly died. It is a terrible tragedy for us. He must be a chief of climate change department in the Center. Our deep condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Siegfried.
17.05.2011 | "Reprogrammed cells trigger immune reactions in mice. Medical applications of induced pluripotent stem cells called into question" by Zhao T. et al.Nature doi: 10.1038/nature 10135(2011). Cells that have been reprogrammed to grow into different types of issue might be rejected by the body -even when they are transplanted into the individual from whom they are made.
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